so, I took a half-day and we did the fair yesterday. I’m still kinda tired, so this won’t be very verbose (like any of my entries are these days)

- only negative: no fireworks, supposedly because of windy conditions. Safety Schmafety, dagnabbit, gimme some explosions!

- rides were pretty fun – Jess actually rode the Top Spin with me and Gary – I was mighty impressed, she did great :) I can’t remember the names of the others, but it was good :)

- saw the Wild West show – semi-entertaining
- saw the 9pm bike stunt show – they shouldn’t have bothered, it was far too cold and windy, lots of screw-ups, as expected

- giant turkey leg
- roasted corn
- chocolate-covered strawberries
- frozen (chocolate-covered) banana
- slice of pepperoni pizza
- chicken shish-ka-bob
- fried bologna sandwich
- baked sweet potato
- boiled peanuts
- caramel-covered (with peanuts) apple
- 3 (2 granny smith, 1 red delicious) apples
- 2 shakes from the NC State Food Science group, 1 cookies and cream, 1 mint chocolate chip
- deep-fried twinkie
- 44oz root beer
- 6 bottles of water
- elephant ear with fudge and cream and powered sugar
- caramel corn
- fudge
- hot chocolate

Overall, lots of fun, but exhausting :) Glad we did the park-and-ride thing from SAS soccer park.