So I’m driving in to work and coming up on that place where I-540 merges down from 2 lanes to 1 before swerving off to I-40. I have to speed a little (95, only 10 over the 85 everyone else was going) to get past this semi when the expedition starts shaking a little. The alignment’s less than perfect (Jessica needs to stay off those curbs when I let her borrow it 🙂 anyway, so I shrug it off.

Getting to a slower speed going through the gate at work, I notice it sounds like something may have gotten lodged in the wheel well. Looking around when I park it, I notice it: a huge (the tires on this thing are ridiculous) flat tire. Ugh.

Because it’s still under 36k miles (awfully soon for a flat), I’m obligated to call this silly 800 number Ford has and have to change it. I don’t feel like dealing with this, or them, today since I’m still catching up on some of my Swing+JDBC work, but there’s not a lot I can do about it now.

The only nice thing is they can do it while I’m out at lunch anyway (since there’s no need to actually get in the vehicle), so maybe it won’t be an entirely lost day.