conduit day is in the books, and I’m happy to say 98% of the work is done. Lots of pics taken (mainly by my mom) but given the 24kbps connect with this dialup, the pics will have to wait til Monday’s ride into work. Only a few minor blunders, nothing major, just a few dud holes where angling to miss a joist just didn’t end up being feasible and stuff like that.

The 2% left to do is the “trunk” sections, one at each end of the house – rather than do the 2″ PVC as originally thought, since we have so much 3/4″ PVC left instead of a real “trunk” at each end, the “trunk” role will be played by 3 to 5 25-foot sections of the 3/4″ stuff (depending on how much we have left – I need to take the tape measure out to the garage to check).

well, sleep soon and then trunks tomorrow and we’ll be all set.