yesterday had a nice long phone conversation with the VP of Engineering for Empirix (also in Waltham, like Porivo’s new parent Gomez, and yes Gomez and Empirix have a long-standing but… strange… partnership). Basically, the same result as everyone else, though – they love my resume, would love to have me, but don’t have the slots / free money / etc. to do so. He said they could probably get it done around October or so, but that’s not very helpful to me at the moment :-/

On the bright side, he said he was going to meet with their CFO today to see if anything could be worked out, but I let him know about all the timing situation stuff so hopefully I’ll be talking with him again this afternoon to find out what the dealio is.

I really need to get these few parts of my resume I’m not happy with re-written so I can send updated versions to the various places I’m targeting now. Bleah.