I’m 1) sure someone has said this 1e6 times better than myself and 2) not sure whether this question has really been brought up at all.

“Is it worth risking human lives for scientific missions?”

To anyone asking: Who are you to consider yourself worthy of asking that? Because I can point to 7 people who believed the answer to that was “Yes” strongly enough to put their own lives at risk for exactly that.

I’m glad (almost?) none of the rhetoric surrounding post-Columbia seems to have been along the lines of possibly scrapping things.


when walking to the car after dinner last night, the feel of the air reminded me of almost every night growing up shooting around til 3am or so. Not sure what it is about the activity that causes it to be so mind-clearing, focused, enjoyable, whatever, but it’s always worked like a champ. I need to get myself to a court soon.

Hopefully, maybe things will work out soon and I’ll have one at home – we’ll have to see. 🙂

unlikely, but worth a shot

anyone happen to know any tools to automatically convert (or even give an attempt, broken output/behavior is fine if it gets 90%+ of the syntax change right) MS’s JScript (in .asp files – fun!) to Java/JSP. Yeah, translating from a loosely-typed to a strongly-typed lang could be difficult, just trying to avoid reinventing that wheel. Note that this is JScript, processed on the server side, not client-side javascript 🙂

Amazing how many options I would have if the .asp’s were vbscript instead 🙂 Ah, well.

Even recommendations of good communities to check out / ask in would be appreciated.

Muchas gracias 🙂


/me tries to be last.

Happy Birthday potential-future-brother-in-law ! No 02/02/02 this time around, but 223 (2/2/3) is prime.

This winter needs to be over *now*, though – that little rodent’s getting it in the left eye running, I tell ya.