forgot to mention this before, but yesterday was the first day I shot around on my own goal in forever. Jess and I got the goal up Saturday/Sunday and she bought the needle adapter thingy so I could inflate the basketballs yesterday. I need to tighten the tension on the rim a little, although it’s tempting to leave it as-is since it’s incredibly forgiving at the moment – shots that really shouldn’t go in will bounce around and in on that soft rim.

I need to get my shooting form back – I’ve reverted back to ancient bad habits in my shot 🙂 Now for some paint to mark out the court 🙂


today, I got to use the term “pig-dogs” in a work email. It made me a lot happier than it really should have.

Course, since the subject was Oracle, that’s about as nice as can be expected


the basketball goal is up. It measures exactly 10 feet, which is weird since I know we stuck the bottom section of pole into the ground too far.

Jessica’s picking up an adapter so I can inflate the basketball

BudEBrewer (9:40:52 AM): what’s the vim command to turn off syntax highlighting?
flavorjames (9:41:01 AM): :syntax off
flavorjames (9:41:21 AM): so obfuscated!
BudEBrewer (9:41:22 AM): inconceivable!
flavorjames (9:41:25 AM): that word
flavorjames (9:41:33 AM): i do not think it means what you think it means


just watched (yeah, yeah, so it’s 3:30am) “Goku’s Next Journey”, the final DBZ episode.

Now taking suggestions on good shows to add to my tivo since that’s the end of that series. I picked a couple from Adult Swim, so we’ll see how they do.

A night before Crazy Fire isn’t a good choice for insomnia, ya know.

Oh, yeah, and congrats to Syracuse, although I’m still kinda curious whether/how the Kansas loss will affect the UNC/Roy Williams situation.


overslept, didn’t have time for my morning lifting, and I, very oddly, miss the soreness. I’d think masochism, but i’m not quite sure.

Might as well get in a lot of lifting this week since the weather’s gonna have me indoors 🙂

On a semi-related note, I need to see if there’s anything else I can do (diff ball, surface mods) to keep any late-night basketball sessions from waking up our neighbors. They seem like nice people, no need to cause them grief.