rock on!

the doc office recoded my physical back to a single office visit – basically they tried to code it as 2 office visits because the doc asked me about my exercise habits when he decided my hamstrings were too tight. Apparently the coder saw too much stuff outside the normal physical params and wanted to make it 2 office visits. Understandably, the insurance company only covers 1 office visit per day

anyway, recoded, everything updated, etc. – yay


too much code red for me today.

well, it’s got some bright spots – i filed 3 bugs in less than 3 minutes. ok, they were RFE’s, but still.

I managed to pawn off some “explain Eclipse and CVS to this developer” work to someone else today! whee!

No, Buddy, it wasn’t Curt – I got John to teach Kirill – avoiding my phone calls works great 🙂


already mentioned Friday night at Buddy’s celebration thingy, but LinkedHashMap makes life much more bearable in many situations.

Course, Friday night was mostly along the lines of “if these 117 things {are all true, happen in the correct order, fall into place}, situation X may not totally suck”. As much as I’m a natural pessimist, it felt weird trying to sell {others, myself, Morpheus} on this mythical yellow brick road.


sometimes i forget that jython is still java-based and get confused when typical java limitations creep into my otherwise normalish python.

JRuby’s so on the list for things to play with this weekend


man – you get used to a decent res (1600×1200 is what I work at – things above that are nice, just basically diminishing returns for me) and going back to 1024×768 is just incredibly painful.