I have a MSDN Universal subscription – where's my Visual Studio Team System?

Many MSDN subscribers may not realize that you need to “transition” an existing Universal subscription (Enterprise transitioned automatically) in order to get access to the new Visual Studio Team System bits. This came up on IRC for me today.

20:48 [ Mr_Jobe] does it say when VSNET2005 team system gets released ? šŸ™‚
21:46 [ Flav_] team system’s been out for 1.5 months now
21:51 [ Erik[11546]] wut ?!?
21:52 [ Erik[11546]] no it hasnt
21:52 [ Flav_] final bits were on MSDN in late October
21:52 [ Erik[11546]] team system ?
21:52 [ Flav_] yes, team system
21:56 [ Erik[11546]] I only see professional edition
21:56 [ Erik[11546]] but Im looking at MSDN now
21:56 [ Erik[11546]] on VISUAL STUDIO 2005
21:57 [ Erik[11546]] only I see as final (not RC or Beta) is Standard and Professional ?
21:58 [ Flav_] looking at the comments on that blog post, it looks like the msdn subscription has to be transitioned for the Team System bits to show up
21:58 [ Erik[11546]] transitioned ?
21:59 [ Flav_] http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/products/subscriptions/maketransition/default.aspx
22:01 [ Flav_] there’s a “Transition FAQ” entry on the right, hopefully it’ll help
22:02 [ Erik[11546]] dude, thanks alot