if you need free secondary DNS… EveryDNS.net is the way to go

Long story, but I needed some free secondary DNS today, so I looked around. 

The quick summary:
granitecanyon is bad because they haven’t reloaded their nameserver configs in over a year (it seems).  I had my domain there before (~5 years ago), but trying to update the zone (either as primary or secondary) failed miserably (it seemed to update fine, but then re-editing had lost the changes, and no, this wasn’t a browser cache issue), and attempts to query ns{1,2,3}.granitecanyon.{com,net} failed both before and after the zone updates I did.
zoneedit is bad because it’s “free unless you hit 200MB”, and it’s a little clunky of an interface.  I doubt I’d hit 200MB of DNS traffic (especially given how small those packets are), but I hate having such a thing as a potential gotcha.
twisted4life only gives you a single server (ns1.twisted4life.net) to do secondary.  I really wanted both secondary and tertiary.
xname – their email for confirmation code never made it, and I think I counted 2 dozen requests for a contribution on their front page.  90% of the links are “contribute to us! now!” variety, or at least it seemed that way.
[Edit: the email finally showed up – after I had fully completed everything to get EveryDNS up and going, funny enough]

And the winner is: EveryDNS
– no need to wait on a confirmation email
– not nearly as belligerent as XName in terms of asking for a contribution (I’ve donated to DynDNS in the past, and will probably donate to EveryDNS if the service keeps working well for a few months for me 🙂
– error messages (like requiring that the primary nameserver zone had at least one of their nameservers listed) made sense (although they’re placed in the upper-right, away from the UI interaction that causes them, which I found a little odd)
– required a longer password than the others (didn’t require a strong password, but at least a decent length check is good)
– has a good FAQ and even IRC support, even though it’s free – very nice.
– *4* servers (ns{1,2,3,4}.everydns.net) that all host your domain, so if you want you could even do the Unpublished Primary DNS approach where your primary isn’t in your whois record, so it’s the place you edit your zone file, but actual queries are all served by EveryDNS (I haven’t tried this, just pointing out that it should be doable for those that would actually worry about the DNS traffic)
the founder’s site has a cute ASCII art animated gif, that you have to love for the geek factor alone.
– [Edit 2006-01-09] David Ulevitch himself posted a couple of comments on this blog post! 🙂


2 thoughts on “if you need free secondary DNS… EveryDNS.net is the way to go

  1. Thanks for the kind words about EveryDNS and my site. 🙂

    We have some nice plans for the future too — some new tricks to the DNS world that will make your life as a publisher or system admin or webmaster easier. 🙂


  2. Oh, and your comments about our error message placement is right on. We know, my 1999 HTML skills suck — we’re getting it fixed. It’s no indication of our backend prowess though. 🙂


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