reminder: we have friend assemblies support now that 2.0 has shipped

On one of the #C# channels I hang out on:

22:52 [ Flav] or make the other assemblies friends
22:52 [ wo0twoo] Is there friends now?
22:53 [ Flav] yes, you can use the InternalsVisibleTo attribute at the assembly level and then those other assemblies would see your internal setter
22:53 [ wo0twoo] Flav, oh yeah… very nice
22:53 [ wo0twoo] Flav, that’s what I’m looking for.
22:53 [ wo0twoo] Flav, didn’t know it was available….
22:54 [ Flav] wo0twoo: it’s new in 2.0, but i know you’re using 2.0 since you have your setter internal and getter public 🙂

If you happened to use friend assemblies in a .NET beta, make sure to go update your attributes as the PublicKeyToken is gone, and now you have to specify the full public key (which I personally think is a great change to make given the security implications)