ClickOnce and permission elevation

I’ve been coding up some simple apps that I’m likely to share as ClickOnce apps, and I was very glad to hear that the RTM bits don’t require Authenticode!

ClickOnce and permission elevation prompting in the internet zone

The Decision – 
With the .Net Framework V2.0 release of ClickOnce,
any ClickOnce App deployed from the internet zone can prompt the user
for permission elevation.
Let’s consider the scenario below …
Jen is a .Net entusiast and a golf fanatic. She writes a .Net Golf Handicap calculator that unfortuantely needs Intranet (Not Internet) zone permissions to run. Jen wants to share this App on her homepage with her golfing friends and would also like them to get updates as she adds new functionality to her program; ClickOnce is the ideal choice of deployment technology for her.