500 error from localhost on fresh IIS install under XP

I’ve been using the development server in VS for my toy ASP.NET sites so far, but decided to play with IIS yesterday.  I popped up in the XP Pro CD (RTM bits, not slipstreamed with SP2) and installed IIS only to hit this problem today when I tried to browse to localhost.

Now that it’s up and going, and since I installed IIS *after* the .NET framework, I’m going to go run aspnet_regiis and get back to actual asp.net work. 

Why even bother with ASP support since I’m not going to use it?  Valid question, but the answer is just that I wanted to get it fixed because it didn’t feel right to me 🙂

The famous ‘Class not registered’

The server failed to load application ‘/LM/W3SVC/1/ROOT. The error was ‘Class not registered’.

  1. comand line “msdtc -resetlog”
  2. rundll32 wamreg.dll, CreateIISPackage
  3. regsvr32 asptxn.dll

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3 thoughts on “500 error from localhost on fresh IIS install under XP

  1. Hi james,

    This is one good solution for the problems in IIS.
    I was struggling with the same problem for the past 4 days. And finally some sute has addressed this problem. and i am luck i have resolved it. I thot of acknowledging to thr same site. But it needed login so I am looking after free blogs for the above issue. So that i can repute my points.

    PPL this is one of the best sol’n. Please do try.

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