bulk editing with GridView

One of the things I’m likely to do in my toy ASP.NET sites is implement bulk editing of rows – it’s just too silly to force the user to put individual rows into edit mode. 

Matt does a great job showing how to make a GridView subclass that makes this easy to do, and simple to keep extending as needed.

Matt’s .NET Tips & Tricks : Real World GridView: Bulk Editing

I wrote this to give you a basic understanding of how to create a bulk edit GridView. Of course there are many enhancements you could add to this. Perhaps you only want some of the rows to be editable, not all of them. Or, you want the grid to not be editable until the user clicks an “edit everything” button. Maybe you would like all of the changes to complete in a transaction. And probably you want this to do something I haven’t even thought of (I would like to know if you come up with something though).

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