A C# based approach to AOP-ish work

Given some of the AspectJ-based projects I’ve been on in the past (admittedly not a huge number), there’s some interesting concepts here – the Join-Point Interface seems reasonable nice – it certainly would have simplified lots of cases where I really wanted to bind to particular instances, which he points out.  Definitely worth watching, although make sure to click “Fast”, since it’s over an hour at “real” speed.

ResearchChannel – Are Aspects Really Needed For Aspect-Oriented Programming?

In this talk I will argue that we don’t need the ‘aspect’ as a separate abstraction mechanism for aspect-oriented program design, and there are good reasons to believe we might be better off without it. Rather, classes and aspects can be unified in a richer notion of class (the classpect). This unification does not significantly compromise the expressiveness of AspectJ-like languages. It improves the conceptual integrity of the programming model. And it improves the compositionality of components under aspect-oriented ‘advising.’

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