what to do now for a good future in computers?

There’s a good number of social sites that I joined and never really got “active” in (Orkut, Friendster, Multiply, etc.) and a few I was active in years gone by, but not really much any more (Advogato, Livejournal, etc.). I’ve always imagined that’s pretty typical of most people, but I have friends and family that really stick with it. It’s likely just a personal priority kind of thing, which is unfortunate as it means I likely don’t value keeping in touch with friends/family as much as I really should. You have one of those days where you wake up and realize that the number of non-co-workers you’ve talked to in the last few months can be counted on one hand.

Anyway, before I digress too awfully much, I got a random scrapbook entry on Orkut. Normally I’ve ignored these (and deleted them), but today’s entry opens the possibility for some “code reuse” (ok, blog-post reuse, but still).

surendar: hi i m dr surendar.
i visited ur webpage.it is amazing.my younger brother is hoping for a good future in computers.can u tell me wat he shud do to be able get job in USA.he is indian.

Note: since my orkut page is anything but “amazing”, i’m leaning towards this being spam.  However, it’s not promoting any particular product or link, so I’ll go with it.  That and the guy is apparently 8’11”, so maybe he’s Wadlow‘s cousin or something.

The high-level: a future in computers can mean lots of different things. Everything from chip and board design, system test and integration, embedded development, networking design/implementation/test, blah blah blah… and software development.

I have no idea which area(s) surendar’s brother is interested in (nor what his current age is), so I’ll assume the last one since it’s the only one I know there’s a somewhat matching article about: Joel’s Advice for Computer Science College Students.

surendar: have him read that, but ignore the US-centric slant (like point #6: Stop worrying about all the jobs going to India. 🙂