how to fetch the source from a GotDotNet project

Was helping out on IRC and helped a user with the GDN interface enough for them to download the source of a project.

Workspaces: Start using GotDotNet Workspaces Source Control

23:08 [ Mental_Floss] Hello. Has anyone attempted to use the workspaces feature?
23:08 [ Flav] i’ve got a couple workspaces on GDN – why?
23:09 [ Mental_Floss] Well, a friend recently added me to a workspace, and I’d like to download the entire source control directory. How can I do that?
23:09 [ Flav] Mental_Floss: sure – they have a few options available, a winforms interface (packaged as an activex control IIRC), a Visual Studio source control interface, and something else i forget
23:10 [ Mental_Floss] Yeah. I’m pretty sure I’m using the winform one, but I set that one a while back, and have no idea how to change it back.
23:10 [ Mental_Floss] to be honest, that sites frustrating as hell.
23:11 [ Flav] Mental_Floss: agreed, it’s a really bad interface unfortunately
23:12 [ Mental_Floss] So, if yu could explain those two things (getting the whole source control dir is more important) i’d really appreciate it
23:13  * Flav logs in to GDN to try and remember how to switch source control interface choice
23:14 [ Mental_Floss] cool. i’ll go smoke a cigarette. that site has gotten me all tense and angry
23:19 [ Flav] Mental_Floss: when you’re logged in and viewing the workspace, select “Source Control” from the left nav bar, then when the next page comes up (and may start the winforms app) the top of the nav bar should have a “Source Control” section that includs “Interface selection”
23:23 [ Mental_Floss] AHhh yes. man that left nav bar is weak too. I was using the html version. If i switch to winform im sure i can dl the whole thing
23:23 [ Flav] Mental_Floss: however, i just used the winforms interface (the one for .net 2.0) and after picking a local folder for the workspace, it was easy to select and right-click the root node in the winforms left panel and “get latest” which downloaded all the source
23:23 [ Mental_Floss] thanks a ton flav
23:23 [ Flav] Mental_Floss: the other interfaces should work as well, i just used the .net 2.0 one because that’s what i currently have selected
23:24 [ Flav] Mental_Floss: on a related note, a lot of the sins of gotdotnet will hopefully be solved as comes along
23:25 [ Mental_Floss] codeplex huh? is it up yet?
23:25 [ Mental_Floss] hmm ok that looks nicer by miles

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