Fun in the ER last night

Sarah woke up around 10:30pm last night and started vomiting every 20 minutes just like Saturday after she hit the desk and got the skull fracture to start with. We had a fun night in the ER, and we just got back home.

The good news:

– the second CT scan is still negative for intra-cranial bleeding (the fracture is still there, of course)

o Sarah had to be wrapped in sheets and lead vests to keep her still. Oddly enough, once the machine started up, she was fascinated enough to stay still and watch the spinning wheel of fun around her. This struck me as a little odd since she wasn’t nearly as interested in it when she had the CT scan about 50 hours previous.

– the test for a UTI was negative

o Sarah was NOT happy with the catheter

o Dr. Lee Benjamin said “white girls under 2 are very prone to them” and hence the check (she’s never had one)

– the ultrasound checking for intestinal problems was negative

o a far less traumatic experience for Sarah (as you’d imagine)

o they were looking for an effect where one section of intestine “sucks up” a neighboring section, “doubling up” and causing problems (I didn’t catch the name of it)

o The technician gave her 6 stickers, including 3 of Dora the Explorer. This appeased Sarah greatly.


The bad news is, of course, that we’re currently at a loss as to what’s causing the vomiting to return since the skull fracture doesn’t seem to have worsened. Since Sarah’s normal pediatrician is on vacation, we’re trying to track down one that she works with for a follow-up appointment today. In the mean time, we’re assuming it’s something GI related (instead of CNS) and sticking with a BRAT diet (Sunday, Sarah’s good day, was all BRAT diet, so we’re hoping the correlation is more than coincidence).