Team Edition for Database Peeps – 5 CTP's down, 1 to go!

As the PUM and Dev Mgr (among others) have mentioned, CTP5 (120MB) is out the door.  We’re one of the teams that has a co-dogfooding relationship with them (we’re using their bits, they’re using ours), and it’s great to see them come along!

From Cameron’s (ha! get it?  CameronS?) blog post:

There are a number of new things in this release that you should be aware of:

  1. The ability to Import a script into the project system. Gert has already blogged about this new feature here.
  2. You can now extend our database unit testing assertions, adding your own test assertion to the drop down in the TSQL unit testing designer. Check out Sachin’s blog for details.
  3. We’ve included a “New Database Project Wizard” to better orient new users. Here’s a couple of screenshots to wet your appetite! Gert has just blogged about this in much more detail here.
  4. Many more options that can be manipulated through the Project properties pages that controls many more aspects of how the script coming out of the Build process is generated
  5. MSBuild tasks so that build and deploy can be better automated via command line
  6. The ability to filter the Schema view based on schema or object type:
  7. So very close to full Yukon support! ( See the readme for a list of object types that we currently don’t have coverage for )
  8. And more!