Ribbons are your friends

Even in our office, I got some people asking me about the O12 changes that they had heard about third-hand.  Since my own usage hadn’t seen any significant changes, I’m glad to see Jensen clearing the air and making it clear that a very small think (default minimization behavior) is all that’s being changed. 

Reality Check

So, to help set the record straight, here are the facts at the center of the hubbub:

  • As long as the Ribbon has existed, it has included the ability to minimize it; in fact, this capability was present in the very first design review we ever had. If you have Beta 2, you can press CTRL+F1 or double-click the selected tab to see this for yourself.
  • In Beta 2 the minimize state isn’t saved, and the Ribbon expands anytime you use a command with the mouse or keyboard.
  • We improved the minimize feature in the upcoming Beta 2 Technical Refresh by making the minimize state persistent; after you use a command, it returns to its minimized state.

That’s it! That’s really the sum total of the change that netted articles like “Microsoft cutting the Ribbon from Office 2007” and “Another New User Interface for Office 2007.”

Source: Jensen Harris: An Office User Interface Blog : Reality Check