Want a nice UI? Get Intel to write a driver

My home PC (Dell Dimension 4700 – it was on sale cheaper than I could have bought the parts) doesn’t have some killer video card in it – it’s actually the one on the motherboard, but it’s in the “decent for non-gaming” and it has the necessary hardware (albeit barely) to support the Aero interface.


Checking with Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor, though, it looks like there’s No Aero For Me, and the reason is a SMOP (simple matter of programming) – no one is written the necessary WDDM driver.

Admittedly, this is Beta 1 of the upgrade advisor – maybe when their new bits are available (RSN), the results will be different as hopefully in the interim we’ve gotten word from INTC that they’ll sign up for writing this (or we have ourselves signed on for it).

Ah, well – I’ve got a build 5600 disc in hand, and while it won’t be (as) purty, I’ll probably upgrade this XP install anyway as a data point… just maybe not tonight.


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