Earthlink now 20% more evil – adopting SiteFinder tactics

Remember with VeriSign did a Very Evil Thing and decided they wanted to resolve all non-resolvable addresses via their SiteFinder service?  Looks like Earthlink wants to do the same thing (I didn’t catch this the first time it went around, apparently), although admittedly scoped to only their users (or, well, people using their DNS servers to be more specific).

I was curious whether Google’s codesearch (available at was also available via so I gave that a shot in Firefox.  I quickly got redirected to… wait for it…

Even better, the page actually never loads – my status bar is stuck at “Waiting for”

Some quick searches shows it’s been going on for ~6 weeks now.  Here’s some background

I love some of the comments, who apparently realize the same as I do:

This is not a feature, guys, and you’re fooling nobody. Those leeches at VeriSign tried this already, but gosh, for some reason they stopped. I wonder why. Spare yourselves this.