coupon codes are good

On Zappos, these shoes (for Jess) were 89.99 per pair (free 2-day shipping, though) – thanks to a coupon code (first google hit, even), I got 2 pair and 6 hats for $97 on (would have been even less since the shipping is $1.99 per additional item, so I could have swapped the 6-hats-for-$12 for 1 item of $12 and saved $10 more on shipping, bringing the total to $87, lower than the single-pair price on Zappos). 

I found paiva by froogle’ing for “Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 6” and sorting by ascending price to find the first that had Jessica’s 9.5 size 🙂  Froogle’s a much better tool when you’re searching on such a specific item and don’t have to wade through a bunch of false positives in the result set.

Thems some tasty vittles.