some favorite pics from christmas

I’m sure I could format these better, but drag-drop from firefox into WLW is too easy to pass up.

Jessica getting her Snowth (video) DSCF0131.JPG


Jessica and JT DSCF0155.JPG


construction kids, including Sarah in the hard hat DSCF0156.JPG

Sarah loving on her new doll DSCF0081.JPG

Princess! DSCF0085.JPG

if the tiara fits … DSCF0090.JPG

cocoa krispies x4 DSCF0067.JPG


Sarah opening a present during Cothran Christmas DSCF0032.JPG

pic Jill and Chas snapped – I had passed out with Sarah on me DSCF0113.JPG

Sarah with Snowth eyeballs DSCF0073.JPG