cheap Raleigh-area meat store?

A place in Fayetteville that’s a “meat store” (sells meat relatively cheap) is called Kinlaw’s – you can see an example of their weekly newspaper ad here.  $1.39 for boneless/skinless chicken breast, 0.99 for boston butt or whole pork shoulders, $3.99 for t-bone loins, etc.

It seems likely that such a place exists around Raleigh, but I’m having a hard time finding it (at least via google).  Places like Costco seem to have much more high-end meats at much higher prices, and that’s not what I’m looking for – just the basics for throwing in the freezer at a hopefully-cheap price with all the end-of-year/post-Christmas sales.

Anyone know of a place in the Raleigh or Triangle area?