The relevant image for DVI connections

Turns out, my ordering a DVI-I cable for my new monitor was quite a bad idea. 

The connector on the monitor doesn’t accept a DVI-I cable since it has no holes above/below the flat blade (the video card connector is of the “DVI-I dual link”).  I could, most likely, just rip out those 4 pins from the connector (since they’re clearly for analog signals and my monitor won’t be using them anyway), but I’ll probably just order an actual DVI-D cable this time and see if someone else can use the DVI-I cable that I now have sitting in a box. 🙂

Oh, and on the single-link vs. dual-link from, since the monitor’s limited to 1280×1024 anyway (I’m no longer the 1600×1200-or-better snob I used to be), then I would be fine with a single-link cable.