need the email addresses for Tomasz and Aimee

About twice a month I get emails for either Tomasz or Aimee Sulczynski.  They live up in Alaska with their son Nikolas (born a dozen days after Barrett).

Tomasz is the owner of Subconscious Logic located in Homer, Alaska.  Tomasz does various computer-related stuff through that, like web sites, databases, computer repair, micro-isp, wireless over the town of Homer, etc.

People seem to swear that Tomasz is (tas at and Aimee is (aimee at – I’m sure that’s *close* to their real email address, but that’s not it.  It’s also not – that’s owned by a 22-year-old Navy communications/photography buff named Edwin Alcaraz living down in Guam.

So, I’ve been thinking about trying to call Tomasz (to get their actual email addresses, so I can forward these emails to them, ideally just setting up automatic forwards) at the phone number (907-235-8369) listed for Subconscious Logic Consulting tonight.  Since Alaska is Eastern-4 (so, currently GMT-8), he should be having lunch pretty soon anyway, so he’ll be back at work if I call in a couple of hours.

Do you think this is reasonable?  I haven’t communicated with him before, but if someone was getting email that should be going to Jessica or I, I’d want to know about it.

[Update] – nevermind – turns out that doing a reply-all to the last mass-email to Aimee got me their email addresses – they’re at instead.  Now I wonder if they get any of *my* email or not 🙂