Actionable, but not informative, error message

Normally Fidelity’s error messages are well-phrased – they do (IMHO) a good job explaining what the failing condition is (insufficient funds, for instance).  However, in attempting a transfer between 2 accounts today, I got an error message from them that lacked any explanation of the failing condition. 

To be clear, it wasn’t a “system is down” kind of issue – because of the nature of what I was doing, it seems likely to me that I’m triggering a bug in their software, so this may just be their “unhandled exception” / “unexpected error” message for all I know.


To be fair, here’s an example of one of their “good” error messages.  It gives a great explanation as to the failure condition and gives available action options (I wish my product’s error messages were all this good 🙂

(120009) The dollar amount requested is greater than your available cash balance. Select the Back Button and choose a lower amount, or call a Fidelity Representative at 800-544-6666.