Chad's girlfriend's sermon

I visited Charlotte this past weekend and had a blast.

I got to:

  • Visit Microsoft’s Charlotte campus which I hadn’t been to before – it’s only about a mile or so from South Carolina.
  • Meet a few of the Microsoft-Charlotte guys I had been working with on some projects over the last couple of months face-to-face.  That was pretty fun.
  • Pick up an Xbox 360 for Chad at our company store.
  • Go into the tallest building in NC (and the tallest between Philadelphia and Atlanta) to hang out with Chad (he handles some kind of investment banking thingy, I was lost in the details) Friday.  Chad works on the 3rd floor, so it doesn’t take 30 minutes to get up to his floor 🙂
  • Help Chad find a couple of busted transactions ($81 million total, which seems like a lot to me except his day’s totals were around $60 billion)
  • See Chad’s parents (and his nephew) again, whom I haven’t seen in a few years.  Chad was the one with the good basketball court at his house (concrete slab in the back yard), so we all headed over to his place for playing and hanging out 🙂  Chad’s mom made (and still makes!) sweet tea the proper way – the water has to get HOT so you can get enough sugar into the solution 🙂
  • Meet Chad’s girlfriend (Mary Cat) for the first time.  We had talked on the phone a couple of times (she was there when I had called Chad to catch up), but this was the first face-to-face meeting.  She’s very sweet and friendly, and she’s really good for Chad.  She lives down in Rock Hill, SC – about a 20 minute drive for him.
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  • See Spider-Man 3 on the IMAX screen at Discovery Place in Charlotte.  I liked the movie (go figure), but we sat too far up – it clearly was a movie not made for IMAX, as a bit too much of the focus was outside of the center of the screen.
  • Eat “ghetto Mexican” with Mary Cat and Chad down in Rock Hill.
  • Go to Mary Cat’s church (along with Chad, his parents, and his nephew) on Sunday.
  • Participate in the Eucharist during the service (communion wafer delivered by Mary Cat herself, even).
  • Listen to Mary Cat’s sermon about love.  I really like how she goes back to the Greek words for love, in a very “eskimo words for snow” kind of way.
  • Quite a fun weekend 🙂