Since FSJ took it down

Take that, Zunetards

from The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs by Steve

Okay, Microsoft, so you think you’re pretty cool because you managed to get some poor gormless fatty to tattoo himself with a Zune symbol? Well guess what? We’ve got a cutter. Yup. A bona fide total bad-ass Trent Reznor-loving Goth chick with an eating disorder, piercings, fake red hair and a half dozen personalities. And she’s friggin hot. Her name is Megan O’Rourke and she’s our VP of customer experience. She cut herself this morning to show that nobody is going to out-bad-ass Apple. Nobody. You get a tattoo? We carve our bodies.

Megan is one of our youngest VPs. She’s seventeen years old and lives in a halfway house in Campbell. Her parents threw her out after they caught her using crystal meth. Six months ago she showed up at 1 Infinite Loop and threatened to set herself on fire outside the building unless we gave her a job. I hired her on the spot. “Cutter Girl,” I said, “you are totally what our brand is all about.”

Today she sent me this photo via email, asking me to put it on my blog. Under the photo she wrote, “I did this for you, Steve.”

Cutter Girl Megan, I love you too. Stay strong.