finally free of the platter – how did I live before SSD? Oh, and… newegg price gouging?

I finally took the plunge last week and swapped out the 320GB 5400rpm drive that came with this laptop (Core 2 Duo, 4GB, Win7) for a 160GB second-generation Intel SSD.  The performance improvement is dramatic, as many others have noticed, but it still amazed me.  The best way I can put it is that around 5% of my time before I’d notice operations I’d have to wait on (things that fell above my personal threshold for “instant”) and invariably glance down to see the HDD indicator light blinking furiously. 

Now that doesn’t happen any more – all such operations feel “instant” as they fall below that threshold.  The things that aren’t “instant” are things that are still dramatically faster, like copying multi-gig files or backing up and restoring multi-gig databases. 

More qualitatively, I’m happier with the laptop as those times of waiting were very annoying for a laptop I just picked up a month ago.  The machine now meets (well, exceeds really) the performance expectations I had when picking up the laptop in the first place, which definitely wasn’t the case with the 5400rpm platter drive it had before.




This one turned out a bit fuzzier than I had hoped, but you get the idea:



One thing I just noticed today is that the price for the drive doubled since I ordered it just over a week ago.


Here’s the $450 I had to pay for it just 9 days ago (also picked up the external enclosure Joel recommended since I stuck the now-free laptop 320GB drive on my Windows Home Server for extra storage).  I found the processor comment amusing, presumably there because I was getting an Intel product.



It’s now $900 bucks for the same drive (and still sold out!)


Checking google products it seems like most places are still charging the $450, but they’re also still sold out.  A couple of the comments on the page call it price gouging, and while I’m not sure it meets the strict definition of such, Newegg is definitely cashing in big-time on the high demand, or at least attempting to do so 🙂



I’m sure the price-fixing accusations that they’re giving Intel kickbacks to funnel a disproportionate supply of the drives to them to prevent $450 competition from other retailers will start soon 🙂