My son loves the Backyardigans

Of course, since I Control The Remote(tm) (simply because Jessica’s out shopping at the moment, admittedly 🙂 I get to pick the episode.  One of my favorite is an underwater explorer adventure (looking for mermaids) called “Into The Deep” where Pablo and Tyrone are dressed up like Zissou team members (which I liked, even though the RT score isn’t great).


One of my favorite exchanges between them during the episode, which admittedly doesn’t work as well written but I can’t find the clip on YouTube right now, goes as such, between the commander (Pablo) and the navigator (Tyrone):

  • Tyrone: Commander Pablo, we’ve begun our descent.
  • Pablo: Excellent! Speed?
  • Tyrone: Fast.
  • Pablo: Direction?
  • Tyrone: Down.
  • Pablo: Temperature?
  • Tyrone: Cold.
  • Pablo: Time?
  • Tyrone: uh, now.

That’s all – we now return you to your regularly scheduled Saturdays, already in progress.