how many things are wrong with this error dialog?

Here’s a lovely error I got from VSTS(uite) 2008 SP1 during a debugging session this morning:


At least Google lets me know the error message is “A supplied object or type belongs to the wrong AppDomain”, so I’m guessing the app domain recycled for some reason (I think I edited web.config, which would do it) and the debugger’s mixing the old and new app domains.

No URL, no (clickable or otherwise) link.  How am I supposed to get to this “Microsoft Help and Support web site”?  I need to find it, so I guess I need a search engine, not a decision engine 🙂

That happens to get into another thing I disagree(d) on – “website” (better, IMHO) vs. “web site” (worse, IMHO, but a decreed UE standard, although so is not saying “please” in error messages, which the above violates).


I’ll save that for another day, though.