Happy 3rd Birthday, McCotter!

Here’s the picture taken just before we went out Trick-or-Treat’ing.  He ended up falling face-first down the brick stairs at the very first house, so he was a pretty bloody Buzz during most of the trip (I was worried that he’d lose too much blood from the cut on his nose, but it stopped eventually).  Of course, he was a trooper and kept going and trick-or-treating just fine. 🙂

He’s very silly – just look at him funny and he’ll start laughing, and he’s very ticklish!

The sad part is he got up at 2am (almost 4 hours ago) and when I went into his room to settle him down and put him back to bed, I totally forgot to tell him Happy Birthday!  I’ll have to make sure to do it when he gets up again in about an hour 🙂


Happy Birthday!