BofA – happy to take back money they haven’t even given you yet

I deposited a couple of checks last week.  Due to a snafu at work, one of them had a stop-payment put on it the day after I deposited.  BofA went ahead and took the full amount for that check back out of the account, even when only $100 of the check (well, $100 of the combination of the 2 checks, actually) had made it into the account due to 2 levels of holds.  So, for these 6 days, our balance is negative since the chargeback posted immediately.  It was actually worse than this screen shot for awhile when the first level of hold was still in effect.



I really didn’t think it would be that complicated for a bank to realize the chargeback on a check is related to the hold on that check and have them cancel each other out (or at least apply at the same time). 

Boy was I wrong!

Thankfully we do all of our “real” banking through USAA, so this is just an annoyance instead of a major hassle.

(Note: No, I don’t think there’s much security in hiding parts of the above numbers – however, I did, and the above still gets the point across 🙂