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The Ubuntu box that was hosting my blog and gallery had some kernel problems after updating to “lucid lynx” a week ago – even after working around that (turning off IO-APIC, so it’s back to single-proc), the box was still running out of memory with apache2, php5, mysql 5.1.  Admittedly, it’s a pretty old box with only 256MB in it, so I thought about moving to a new box or adding memory, but neither seemed interesting and the box is strung off a cable modem (“business class”, but still), so I didn’t see much point in continuing the effort.

So, I’ve moved the blog over to, but using their $10/yr option to host through your own domain, so it should be relatively transparent (links should all be the same, although I need to update the theme since it’s still the default).  The wordpress export then import worked surprisingly well once I jacked up the max_execution_time on the linux box’s apache2 php.ini (defaults to 30 seconds) so I could actually get the whole export xml.

I haven’t bothered much with ads on the blog over the years, so there’s no real loss of adsense revenue going on, and at least this way I don’t have to worry about the wordpress install myself 🙂

The gallery was fine, but hosting the images off (again) a cable modem was never great to start with, so moving it over to a real host (flickr in this case) seemed like a good choice too.  I’d rather go with picasaweb, but they don’t (currently) have nested albums (it’s been the #1 user request for AGES), and the existing album hierarchy is such that I’d rather not go to a ‘flat’ list of hundreds of albums.

If you happen to have any problems with the blog, please ping me.  Otherwise, we now return you to your normal programming, already in progress 🙂


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  1. Are you the same James manning that worked for IBM in the Late 90’s while working on a MS at NC State? I can’t tell from your picture.

    I guess if you were the person I knew you would recall my name too.

    • Yup, that’s me – I tried to send you an email. I certainly remember working with you (and Martha, Phil, etc.) – I still work with Chase McCord every now and again, too.

      Hopefully the email just ended up in your spam folder – it’s also a gmail address, james.manning

      Thanks, Dale!

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