grids in MVC – there’s gotta be a better way?

I watched Jeremy Skinner’s presentation on the MvcContrib grid (as linked to by the Gu) and while it’s nice, it’s still kind of depressing how far away it is from the web forms gridview+linqdatasource combo in terms of ‘automagically’ handling the typical scenarios of sorting/paging.  I ‘get’ that MVC is a trade-off, productivity vs. testability (etc), but I guess I was hoping that ‘standard’ grids would be a little less manual at this point.

Now, certainly I can use templating (etc) to reduce how many times I’d need to do the “build-up” of the fully functional grid, but still.

Course, that made me wonder how much of the Silverlight 4 + RIA Services story could be done with jQuery on the client side – I haven’t looked into the client-side data templating available yet, so maybe it’s already there – I’ll have to check it out 🙂

Any insightful/educational comments/links would be much appreciated! 🙂