Video comparisons – duct tape or you’re doing it wrong

My ongoing battle between picking the Evo or the new iPhone has lots of facets, but something I wanted to get some more input on was their relative video recording capabilities.  Both do 720p recording, but I was hoping to see some comparisons to get an idea if there was any discernable quality difference (in video or audio, in low-light or normal).

I guess I’d gotten used to sites/people that did such comparisons by duct taping the 2 (or more) devices together and then recording the same scene(s) at the same time with all of them, then putting the videos next to each other (horizontally or vertically) in a browser window to compare them.  You’d arguably want both in the same video (side by side) but that’d mean editing and transcoding that could affect the quality, and the goal is to see the quality of the video as it comes directly from the device.

So, searching for ‘iphone evo 720p’ the first hit is indeed someone showing clips from the two, but they violate the ‘same scene at the same time’ rule.  Certainly if the quality difference were HUGE it would likely not be as important, but at least watching the 2 clips offered, the video quality is about the same on both (not sure if any transcoding was needed by YouTube, hopefully not since it should have come as 720p h.264 from the device) and both really suck at filtering out wind noise from their microphone (anyone know of something that handles it better?  My current Flip UltraHD is about as bad on that AFAICT)

Anyway, if anyone has their own opinions on 720p (or better) video recording cell phones, or links to other comparisons, please let me know 🙂