OCZ, SandForce, and “no material impact”

As November 1st has come and gone and OCZ is still silent on the Octane (the Oct 20th press release is the only meaningful hit on their site, the other ‘octane’ is talking about SGI), one wonders what’s going on over there.

Without any real knowledge myself, I’m left to speculation, but since it was just a week ago that the OCZ CEO decided to publicly claim that SandForce being acquired by LSI “will have no material impact to our existing product lines or business”, I wonder if that word ‘existing’ was added specifically because of the Octane since it’s pretty easy to argue that it wouldn’t fall under ‘existing’ a week ago since it hadn’t been made available to the public yet.  I don’t really know enough about SSD’s in general or OCZ’s in particular to know whether it’s even possible that the LSI acquisition could even have a material impact on the Octane or not. 

As OCZ’s twitter account remains silent and the OCZ stock on NASDAQ (at least the moment) remains relatively flat over this last week around $7/share, I wonder how many investors are getting awfully nervous based on this lack of communication from the company.

Certainly I would have been on the (I’d imagine very LONG) list of people asking for an Octane as a Christmas present, so perhaps it’s all just a mad scramble internally for them to figure out how they can still make it out in time for the holiday shopping season.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday only 23 and 26 days away, respectively, whatever’s going on has got to be freaking some people out.  Hopefully it’ll at least be an interesting story once it all comes out!

I’m kind of surprised there’s nothing in the ‘trade mags’/blogs/whatever about this, but perhaps I’m just missing something and/or making a mountain out of a mole hill.  Either way, I’d love to find out WTF is going on with the Octane, sooner rather than later! Smile


2 thoughts on “OCZ, SandForce, and “no material impact”

  1. As I tweeted you, the Octane doesn’t include Sandforce controllers so that has nothing to do with the delay. Regardless, I’m also interested in why they intentionally said they’d have drives in the supply chain on November 1st, while there aren’t any at any e-tailer.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been wondering the same thing! Or rather, I was wondering it till yesterday. Then I said fuck it and ordered a Crucial M4. The M4 looks to be pretty damn good. The Octane may be fast but it’s unproven. I was hoping that if it hit stores Nov 1st and started to hit reviewers shortly after, I’d wait. But when it missed Nov 1st and 2nd, I realized I was entering into a waiting game I didn’t want to play. My new Macbook showed up a few days ago, and I didn’t want to keep putting stuff on a hard drive I was going to wipe, or mess with imaging and transferring the thing. Plus I’ve heard OCZ has terrible customer service, and I knew some drives took months to prove if they were any good or not, so for me I’m happy with the M4.

    I hope the Octane is amazing and wipes the floor with everything else and is super cheap and rock solid reliable – if only to advance the market. I’ll stick with my M4 and be happy. 🙂


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