VS update… with internal URL :)

Looks like RC (or whatever) bits are available with a product update:


The problem?  Clicking the Update button takes you to a url that doesn’t work outside of Microsoft’s internal network 🙂  Oops!


[EDIT] forgot to point out that I already have 11.0.50323 installed (the .1 build, even later than .0), so I’m guessing this is part of an initial hiccup in trying to push out a newer change.  Either that or some broken version checking logic that happened to kick in today. 🙂



3 thoughts on “VS update… with internal URL :)

    • My version currently says 11.0.50323.1 QRELB (added that to the post), so at least off-hand I’m guessing it’s a hiccup in trying to push out something newer than that, although that’s just a random guess since this started happening today and it’s been awhile since I installed the April update. 🙂

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